Gem Sky World Long Thanh, Dong Nai, Viet Nam

Gem Sky World officially launched 3 very successful subdivisions. Including Pearl Town, Garnet Town and Topaz Town with more than 1300 land products. It is known that these are the only three subdivisions oriented to be self-built townhouses. The rest will be developed by Dat Xanh with built-in townhouses, villas and shophouse. The median value for the ready-built types is currently projected from: 4.5 billion for townhouses; 9 billion for the shophouse. The above prices have just been communicated by Dat Xanh for partners and staff, the above prices do not include VAT.

Gem Sky World

Introducing Gem Sky World Long Thanh

It can be said that in 2021, Long Thanh becomes the focal point of real estate in the South. The locality has continuously received national transport infrastructure projects. Notably, the project of Long Thanh international airport was officially started in early January 2021. Besides, a series of highways connecting to Long Thanh airport are being promoted. Highlights such as Binh Thuan - Long Thanh expressway, Bien Hoa - Vung Tau expressway, Ben Luc - Long Thanh expressway. Gem Sky World project is invested by Ha An; was announced in July 2020 with a highlight in Long Thanh.

Gem Sky World project is a model urban area project in Long Duc, Long Thanh, Dong Nai. It is understood that this is the satellite urban area of ​​Long Thanh airport urban area. The project is a public land source owned by Ha An Company in the form of public auction. The project is mainly developed by Dat Xanh. With a scale of up to 92ha, many questions doubt that Dat Xanh can deploy this project? In fact, the progress of the Gem Sky World project is showing that the formula is all right. It is not too much to say that the speed of infrastructure deployment is ‘fast’.

Market information recorded for 2 subdivisions of phase 1 announcement, customer has received goods and received a separate book for each platform.

Gem Sky World overview

  • Trade name: Gem Sky World
  • Type: ground land, ready-built townhouses, shophouse, villa
  • Investor: Ha An company
  • Project development: Dat Xanh corporation
  • Location: Long Duc commune, Long Thanh district, Dong Nai province
  • Scale: 92.2 ha, including 8 subdivisions, 4026 grounds
    • Topaz Town (sold)
    • Emeral town
    • Aquamarine Villa
    • Diamond Parkview
    • Ruby Parkview
    • Sapphire Parkview
    • Garnet Town (sold)
    • Pearl Town (sold)
  • Population: 16 thousand people
  • Density: below 50%
  • House model (expected)
    • Detached house: 2 - 4 floors
    • Apartment building: 5-6 floors
    • Urban service works: maximum 3 floors
    • Maximum height of constructions: 25 m maximum
  • Price: 4.5 - 9 billion / townhouse - shophouse
  • Handover perfect exterior, rough delivery inside
    • Shophouse handover completed ground floor on rough delivery
    • Facilities: 5 ha school, central park, commercial shophouse, Sky Park,
    • Legal: separate books for each platform
    • Time of publication: July 2020

Gem Sky World Long Thanh investor evaluation

Ha An is the name that is mentioned a lot in the end of 2021. Highlights with the topping off and about to proceed to hand over the Opal Boulevard apartment; The project is considered the most affordable luxury apartment to live on Pham Van Dong street. Ha An is also the winner of the bid for a 92ha clean land fund in Long Duc Loc An. The land fund is used to develop Gem Sky World urban area. Ha An is questioned by many customers about its financial capacity when implementing such large-scale projects.

Ha An is known "widely" through the Opal Boulevard apartment project of Pham Van Dong. This is the first "big" project of this investor. With the perfect combination with big names like Dat Xanh. Ha An resonated with the number of apartments sold. Ha An is known as the backyard of Dat Xanh Group, evidence can be seen in the document to transfer 99.99% of Ha An's shares to Dat Xanh Group in 2018.

This may also be the most likely answer to the fact that many customers are still "growing" about Ha An's financial capacity. Simply Dat Xanh also shows many moves to adjust and "pour capital" into the Gem Sky World project as the parent company. Another part, Ha An also paid more than 3,000 billion VND to bring this 92ha land fund. The current progress can also be a perfect testament to the deployment capacity of Dat Xanh and Ha An.

Assessment of location of Gem Sky World

Gem Sky World is a project with great attraction recently announced to the market in a short time. The good signal from the locally connected traffic infrastructure offers a lot of potential for the project. Therefore, sales performance through deployments is very high. The market is absorbing very well. Gem Sky World is present in the satellite urban area of ​​Long Thanh airport. Located in front of Long Duc - Loc An street. This route according to the 1/500 plan of Long Thanh is planned into 6 car villages, with a width of 32m.

From this route, it connects directly with Long Thanh Cape. Connecting with potential transport system, Typically: DT 769, NH 51 intersection and Long Thanh - Dau Giay expressway. Gem Sky World project has the potential to increase prices thanks to the infrastructure connected to Long Thanh airport. Project location ensures the economic development of industrial, administrative and entertainment zones. There is a modern utility system around the project. Besides, thanks to good connection, the project leader can have more access to the utility around.

Connect utilities around the Gem Sky World project

  • Constructing the National Assembly building in the South, university village: University of Security, Medicine and Pharmacy, University of Transport
  • 100 m to People's Committee of Long Duc Commune, Tam An intersection, An Phuoc Secondary School
  • 1 km to Long Duc Industrial Park, An Phuoc Industrial Park, Japan Hi-Tech Park
  • 3.5 km to Long Thanh - Highway 51 intersection
  • 10 minutes from Gem Sky World Land Xanh to An Phuoc Commune People's Committee, Long Thanh District People's Committee, Long Thanh International Airport, Long Thanh New Market
  • 6 km to Dong Nai High Tech Vocational College, Long Thanh Park, Long Thanh Milk Theme Park
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